Many people don't realize it but pulling your dog around on a leash can pose a real threat to their health, with one rough yank enough to throw their neck or back out of whack... permanently! In fact, thousands of dogs get injured every year this way and many such injuries go undiagnosed.

Our Breathable Nylon Dog Harness was designed to give your dog the kind of high quality support they need Whether you're walking your dog or hooking them in to keep them safe when you take a drive, a quality harness allows you to leash them up at the backnot their neck!and to redistribute the pressure to better protect their long-term neck and back health. 

Our Breathable Nylon Dog Harness has several additional innovations:

  • Breathable nylon mesh technology
  • Highly durable material resistant to tears
  • Added security with harness colors that stand out to cars and pedestrians

With over 7,500 happy customers, you're going to wonder why you didn't have one of these all along!  Sizing information is below; if in doubt always buy a larger size!